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Unparalleled Expertise in Emerging Markets

Vaquero Global Investment is a San Antonio-based investment manager focused on emerging markets with a special emphasis on corporate credit, the largest and fastest growing segment of the emerging market investment universe. Vaquero manages various strategies including hedged, high-yielding and long-only products. Predicated on many years of investing in emerging markets, Vaquero believes that the corporate credit market offers the best risk/reward ratio among the various segments of the EM asset class. Furthermore, the asset class offers high quality companies with attractive credit metrics that are often low-cost producers and have distinct competitive advantages versus their global competition.

Today EM credit offers a particularly attractive opportunity and inefficiencies in this market, which have persisted over the course of many cycles, present a compelling investment prospect upon which Vaquero, as one of the few experienced investors in this niche, can capitalize.

Vaquero's founder, Wilbur Matthews, has been actively involved in emerging market investment at premier buy and sell-side firms where he cultured a passion for the asset class. The Vaquero team brings together decades of concrete emerging markets experience, steeped in deep-dive credit analysis and on-the-ground due diligence to offer investors an opportunity to diversify and capitalize upon the favorable long-term trends in the fastest growing, most attractive segment of the asset class.

Vaquero Global Investment LP will be relying on the SEC’s Orders (IA-5463 and IA-5469) and will be filing and delivering the Annual Updating Amendment to Form ADV late.

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